Why Hire a Tax Attorney for Your IRS Audit Defense?

The IRS audit process is one of the most terrifying legal nightmares for many taxpayers. Unfortunately, many taxpayers are unaware of their rights while in the process of the audit. The IRS can fine and suspend you from tax preparation for up to ninety days! They can also seize any property you may use for your tax evasion purposes, such as your car or home. And, they can even start legal proceedings against you for not paying your taxes on time. If you have gotten this far, you may want to consult with an IRS Audit Defense Attorney to see what your rights are under the law. If you are seeking for a skilled tax law attorney in Fort Collins, there are several options. First, you can locate local Fort Collins lawyers by consulting your local telephone directory or by visiting www.coloradotaxattorneys.net/irs-audit-defense-fort-collins-co/.


There are many ways to fight back against the IRS, but it’s important to understand which tactics are best. Most taxpayers who owe back the IRS money will not be referred for an IRS audit in any case. In those instances, taxpayers might hope to be referred for an IRS audit at some later point in time. Whether that point is a year from today or ten years from today depends on several factors, such as the taxpayer’s ability to repay his/her taxes on time, his/her knowledge of all the tax laws, and whether he/she knowingly commits tax crimes. Only a tax attorney can give you the best possible legal advice when facing an IRS audit.


The U.S. Tax Court system provides IRS auditors with plenty of “expert” testimony about how you should treat your tax returns if you receive one. However, this testimony is not gospel in any way, shape, or form! It is not even always correct. It is recommended that you seek the help of a tax attorney to properly prepare and file your tax returns so you receive the full tax relief that you legitimately deserve. That way, you will get the maximum amount of tax relief possible, avoid future IRS audits, and have peace of mind knowing you are doing everything in your power to pay off your debts and avoid the stress and anxiety that comes along with being under scrutiny from the IRS.


When it comes to hiring a tax attorney, you will want to hire the best attorney you can possibly afford. For this reason, you will also want to do some research about the reputation of each tax attorney you are considering. In this day and age, it is easy to research online reviews of tax attorneys. You can narrow down your search by typing in a specific search phrase, such as “tax attorney,” “tax resolution specialist,” or “filer advocate.”


You will find that most reputable tax attorneys are quite familiar with each of their clients’ tax issues. If you do not have a tax lawyer yet, or if you have questions about what you might need a lawyer for, ask friends and family for referrals. You might be surprised at who was able to save money on tax issues and who could not. There are many tax attorneys who will refer their clients to other reputable lawyers when they are ready to hire someone else to handle their legal needs.


IRS audit lawyers are a great choice to help you save money, time, and stress that comes with dealing with the IRS. Make sure you do your homework and find the best attorney you can afford. Be prepared to talk about your taxes and ask lots of questions. When you have a lawyer on your side from the start, you will feel confident that you will not only be able to successfully resolve any tax debts, but also know that you are doing everything in your power to fight the IRS in court and receive the tax relief you deserve.