Tax Levies and Why You Need a Tax Levy Lawyer?

A Tax Levy Lawyer can help you defend against an IRS bank levy. When you owe the IRS money, they will send you notices of levy. The first step in an IRS judicial collection action is a Notice and Demand for Payment. If you don’t make the payment by the deadline, the IRS will send you a Final Notice of Intent to File a Bank Levie and a Notice of Right to Hearing 30 days before the aforementioned monetary obligation becomes effective. For more details in finding a good tax levy lawyer, visit

Tax Levy Lawyer and Bank Levies

Although the IRS will try to work with you if you are behind on your taxes, you don’t always have the final say. Once you receive the Final Notice of Intent to Levy, you still have certain rights. You can hire an experienced tax attorney to represent you in a Collection Due Process hearing or appeal. You can use your legal rights against the IRS to resolve tax levies through alternative methods.

In most cases, a bank levy is a single event. The account locked by the bank is locked for a 21-day period. The money in your account will no longer be accessible by using a debit card or clearing a check. You will need to contact an IRS Tax Levy Lawyer to learn about your options. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner you can begin the process of resolution.

A Bank Levy is one-time and very stressful. It can be embarrassing and emotionally draining to face the IRS, so hiring a lawyer who knows how to handle these situations can help you handle the situation with dignity. A Maryland tax levy attorney can help you fight this action with your best interests in mind. They can help you find a way to resolve the levy and return the money to your account.

A Bank Levy Lawyer can help you fight the IRS and avoid the hassle of a bank levy. A tax levy attorney can also help you fight the IRS through the courts to prevent a looming collection action. A levy lawyer can also help you deal with a Bank Levie and a bank writ. If you have been ordered to pay the IRS for tax debt, you may want to hire a knowledgeable tax lvy attorney to represent you.

A Tax Levy lawyer will fight for you in court. Whether the IRS is attempting to seize your property or garnish your wages, you need to protect yourself from a bank levy by contacting a Maryland IRS tax levy lawyer. Your rights are protected under the law, and a skilled levy lawyer can help you avoid the stress and financial burden that the liens can cause.