Steps For Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer focuses on civil law. This field may be saturated with life-changing personal decisions and emotions. So, a divorce lawyer needs to delicately but justifiably handle a wide array of family law matters from divorce, marriage dissolution, and legal separation, to child support, child custody and visitation rights. Divorce lawyers also help their clients settle the financial aspects of a divorce such as property settlement and debt settlement.


A divorce lawyer has to have extensive knowledge in family laws. It is important that he or she understand the intricacies of family structure and its related laws such as matrimonial, Civil and criminal codes. The expertise and experience of divorce lawyers is vital in putting together the best interests of the couple. He or she is charged with educating the couple about their legal rights and responsibilities, offering guidance in solving marital problems, as well as helping the couple cope with the emotional stress brought about by the divorce. If you are looking for an experienced and good family divorce attorney, visit John Buchmiller & Associates LLC website at for your legal advise in solving marital problems!


Attending the Divorce Law School prepares a divorce lawyer for the rigors of cases such as those dealing with the best interests of the children. This curriculum emphasizes learning methods such as mediation, collaborative litigation, and case law analysis. To prepare a law school graduate to practice in the field, he or she should attend classes such as family law, civil procedure, and family issues, as well as complete a core curriculum that helps students to become competent and effective advocates.


In the state of Missouri, all parties to a divorce are entitled to legal representation. A licensed divorce lawyer is usually an attorney who practices in the state. There are two types of divorces in Missouri -no-fault and uncontested. A no-fault divorce occurs when both parties agree to the terms of the divorce beforehand, without the help of a lawyer, while an uncontested divorce occurs when either party agrees to the terms of the divorce after legal counsel is hired. A court date must be set before either party can apply for a divorce in Missouri.


A no-fault divorce occurs after the first meeting of the divorce lawyers. At this first meeting, the lawyer will discuss the major issues involving the case with the client, as well as his or her parenting plan and living arrangements. The attorney will also meet with the parties’ dependent children, if applicable. The first meeting is also a time when the attorney ascertains whether the client qualifies for certain discounts.


There are many ways to find a divorce lawyer in Missouri. A person may search the Internet, local telephone directories, and ask friends and relatives if they can recommend a good attorney. In addition, the Missouri State Bar Association can recommend a lawyer in the area. All of these options allow the client to find a divorce attorney who is competent and affordable.