Social issues seniors face

When people reach their 60s, a lot of things change in their lives. These changes are not only related to their bodies and their health, but also with the way they interact with world, as some stop working, some lose friends and some have to deal with multiple conditions. In this article we will explain the most common social issues seniors face and we will give some advice to cope with them.


     The main social issues seniors face is probably loneliness. As elders grow older and older it may seem like everyone is moving on with their lives. Their adult children are busy with their own lives and do not always have time for them. They don’t see their children or grandchildren as often and even sometimes they don’t have time for calls or messages. Seniors can also feel lonely if they stop working, so they don’t have a daily routine as before and they don’t have co-workers to chat with daily.

Another thing that could impact elders (or anyone really) heavily is losing a friend, familiar or their spouse. It is hard to continue with your live when the person that has been by your side your whole life dies; or when your best friend or sister dies from a disease. It is important to pay attention to the older people in our lives, so we can offer them support and company when they need it. We can suggest them to engage in new activities so they can meet new people or occupy their time. Getting a pet can also be helpful, as animals offer company and loyalty, and the person could take care of them and give them some love.

Sharing time with the family and friends it is also very important. You can plan visits and fun activities from time to time, so you can catch up and share valuable time with each other.

Stress because of financial issues

      When older people retire and see how their income reduces, a lot of stress can come with it. The loss of a regular income can be a problem for the elderly as some expenses increase, usually related with health. Health care costs can heavily affect the person’s budget, as you have to pay for screenings, medication, doctor or hospital visits, etc.  If this is your case, you should seek help. You can talk to your family, a friend or call your bank. It is important to have an insurance that covers your necessities and have a budget to control your expenses. If you are not working, you can look for other ways to get some dollars. Maybe you can start a little business or offer consulting, depending on your abilities. No matter what you choose to do, remember to talk about what is going on, relax as much as you can and think positive.

Frustration due to the dependence on care givers or family

     Sometimes, older people can feel like they are a burden for their family. Doing daily activities that looked pretty simple and easy before, like cleaning, getting groceries, climbing stairs or getting out of a chair become more difficult to achieve as we get older. We may need to seek help more often. Having certain conditions could also need the permanent assistance of care givers.  These situations may make older people feel like they lost their independence and they have to disturb others every time they want to do something. It is important to communicate, express what we feel and understand that having help is the best for both the older person and the family. Learn more about health insurance for seniors here


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